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Friends Soaking Up the Sun in PV

By Heidi & Kirk | Apr 25, 2023 |

One of the things we love about being in Puerto Vallarta is how many friends and family happen to come here to soak up the sun on their vacations. And while they may not be coming specifically to see us, we love the opportunity to meet up with them, share a meal, go whale watching,…

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Feliz Año Nuevo 2023!

By Heidi & Kirk | Jan 1, 2023 |

What an amazing night we had last night! We got turned away from the beach where we had originally planned to watch the fireworks, (closed for a private party). A bit disappointed, we punted and blended in with a group of revelers who were headed into an adjacent hotel beach. With so many people, the…

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Family Adventures in the US

By Heidi & Kirk | Nov 1, 2022 |

It’s been a minute (or four months!) since we last updated our Blog. Where does the time go? In this case, we’ve been busy traveling back to the US for a few different adventures.  Due West in Hurricane-prep mode. Everything strapped down, or down below, double lines to docks. After arriving in Puerto Vallarta in…

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Cruising Costalegre

By Heidi & Kirk | Jun 17, 2022 |

Costalegre translates as the “Cheerful Coast” and is a series of beaches, capes, and bays of various sizes sprinkled along the Pacific coast of Mexico, between Puerto Vallarta, in the state of Jalisco, and Manzanillo in the state of Colima. On our way south to Barra we had only explored Tenicatita. This time, heading north,…

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Happy 40th Birthday Due West!

By Heidi & Kirk | Jun 2, 2022 |

In early June, we celebrated Due West’s 40th birthday! We purchased her when she was 10 years old, and are forever grateful to our friend Kate-Kate who put us in touch with the former owner Frank, and for the way that everything in the universe aligned to bring Due West into our lives six months…

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