little kittens in front of pillows


It’s been a while since we’ve posted. We’ve meant to post more updates, but somehow we’ve been up to our armpits in… KITTENS!!

After three long years without any fur-kids, we adopted two wonderful feral “trailer-trash” kittens in November, from Oasis for Animals on Whidbey Island.

baby kitten being bottle fed
Tosh had a rough start to life, brought to the shelter at about 3-days old, dehydrated and emaciated. He was bottle-fed and imprinted on people, so he thinks he’s a human!

Tosh (named after the Reggae artist Peter Tosh!) is a beautiful tabby boy and we think he’s part Bengal and part Siamese, as he has many Bengal characteristics, like chirping instead of meowing, and loving to play fetch – he’s also a BIG kitten, just look at those paws here at about 4 months old. And he’s a big talker like a Siamese.

sleeping kitten
Tosh crashed out after a long morning at plaiy!
woman snuggling kitten
Heidi loves her new little snuggle-bunny Tikka! Her fur is as soft as a bunny too!

Tikka is a lovely little tuxedo girl who’s about 6-weeks younger than Tosh. She loves to charm and keeps herself entertained by chasing her own tail, or anything else that looks like fun, including air molecules!

tuxedo kitten on bed
Tikka just waking up from her nap.

Here are a few more pix of these bundles of FUN, high-energy, innocent JOY! We are grateful to have found two kittens with such great personalities, and they are taking to boat-life so well.

tuxedo cat against turquoise pillow
Tikka a.k.a. “Queen of Sheba” with her BEAUTIFUL green-eyes:
cat lounging in boat salon
Tosh Lounging, checking out all the action in the salon.
kittens sleeping belly to belly
Tosh & Tikka love each other as much as we love them – they regularly sleep all snugged up together – when they aren’t chewing on each other!
basket cats
Tosh & Tikka, Basket Cats!

We couldn’t be happier with our two new crew members and look forward to helping them get their sea legs soon. Meanwhile they “help” us with every boat project, sometimes too much help!

little kittens in front of pillows
Tikka and Tosh have the looks and the charm to melt anyone’s hearts!
big pawed kittens
Tosh, what BIG paws you have! Tikka puts up with a lot from her brother, like being laid on!

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