Kirk, nose to the grindstone on another project that just cropped up when we least expected it... rebuilding the engine fuel lift pump. It's always something... it's a boat!

Nose to the Grindstone

Happy December!

We moved back aboard Due West on Thanksgiving day, and are grateful to be back home from our condo-sitting gig during hurricane season. Tosh and Tikka were super happy to be home as well, and got right back into the swing of boat life faster than we did!

Tikka Rodriguez
Tikka chilaxin’, so happy to be home on her boat!

Although Kirk spent all of hurricane season working on boat projects, it’s a boat and if you have one you’ll relate! (top photo: Kirk is nose to the grindstone on another project that just cropped up when we least expected it… rebuilding the engine fuel lift pump. It’s always something… it’s a boat!) As soon as one thing is fixed something else invariably breaks. Like our head (toilet!) that decided to crap out the day after we moved back aboard. The good news: we had a head rebuild kit, so it “should” just be a few hours to replace parts. The bad news: the replacement part was milled defective and wouldn’t fit!?! The good news: cruising friends Jill & Brent on s/v Cayuse were flying down the next day and could bring a new warranty replacement part! THANKS, Jill & Brent, and Raritan too!

Heidi Installing lifeline netting
Heidi installing kitty-netting to keep the furbies, Tosh & TIkka, aboard.

And this is how the past two weeks have gone, over and over again… we couldn’t make this stuff up, the number of things that have gone oddly wrong at the most inopportune time is laughable… if we weren’t trying to get away from the dock and sail to Barra de Navidad by Christmas!

Tosh & Santa Dec. 2019
Tosh napping by Santa to ensure he doesn’t miss out on any presents that might be for him!

All this to say we’re way behind in a good, long blog post catching you up on the past 2 months. And we’ll get it posted as soon as we can untie our lines and sail away.

Heidi's new Food, Mood, & Gratitude Journal

In the meantime, the biggest news around here is that Heidi’s new book Food, Mood, & Gratitude Journal is now available on Amazon! She originally created it as a PDF tool to help her health coaching clients track their diet and lifestyle habits to improve their overall health. It was met with such wild success by her clients they asked her to make it available to everyone, so they could share with their friends and families too. So Heidi scrambled to get it to Amazon for the holiday season. BIG THANKS to Boni at Ingenium Books for all of the encouragement and for publishing the book! She has sold over 100 copies in the past week, so we hope you’ll check it out for yourself or others, it makes for a great holiday gift! 🙂 BIG THANKS if you’ve already bought your copy or shared the link too!

Happy Holiday Season and stay tuned for another blog post coming soon…

Captain Kirk, Heidi, Tosh & Tikka

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