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It’s a Family Affair!

By Heidi & Kirk | Oct 3, 2019 |
Teresa, Arne & Kirk

One of the best things about being in Puerto Vallarta is it’s international airport, with easy flights to and from the US, so lots of friends and family have been able to visit us. And honestly friends and family are really the only things we miss about the US… Well, maybe Trader Joe’s too! Luckily…

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Boats, Planes, and Electric Cars: A Visit to the US

By Heidi & Kirk | Aug 10, 2019 |

If you read our last blog post you’ll know we got some bad news about our 27-year-old oil-leaking diesel, Michael P. Engine. (Yes, that’s Kirk with all that hair, 27-years ago when we first installed the engine!) So we were hoping the engine fairy would help us out… Well, we’re here to tell you that…

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Interloping Iguanas & The Banderas Bay Sand Trap

By Heidi & Kirk | Jun 27, 2019 |
Freda at the Pride Parade, PV 2019

Happy Summer! We continue to re-live our amazing Cuban adventures, and feel so lucky to have visited just before the US once again slammed the door hard on Cuba, claiming that they are instigating unrest in Venezuela and Nicaragua. But if you have visited this small Caribbean nation, you’d know that’s not very likely. If…

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Cuban Time Travel, Part 4: Valle de Viñales

By Heidi & Kirk | May 22, 2019 |
Valle Viñales, Cuba

After our tour of Cienfuegos and Trinidad (see Cuba-Conga! Part 3: Cienfuegos & Trinidad), the next morning we were up early and ready for our road-trip to Viñales (“Ben-YA’ll-aze) with Bel and Gustavo. We had first learned about Viñales reading a Cruising World article on Sailing Cuba last year. Since then Viñales moved to the top of…

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Cuba-Conga! Part 3: Cienfuegos & Trinidad

By Heidi & Kirk | May 22, 2019 |
Trinidad, Cuba street scene

Having returned our charter sailboat in Cienfuegos (see Cuba Part 2), we were excited for our continued travel adventures in Cuba, which included visiting the historic “Sugar Baron Era” colonial towns of Cienfuegos and Trinidad along the west-central coast of Cuba. (see Cuba Part 1.) We had pre-arranged for our wonderful tour guide Bel and taxi-driver Gustavo (with his…

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